About Hillcrest

Hillcrest  is an accredited K-12 school, sponsored by a consortium of the major protestant missions in Papua, and governed by a private Board of Directors. The Christian foundation of HIS is reflected in the mission of the school: to provide the children of expatriat workers of those organizations, along with Indonesian and international students, with an education grounded in The Truth which will enable them to thrive in all aspects of life. With this in mind, teachers look for ways to enrich students in all aspects of their lives and approach all subjects centered in The Truth.


The main campus serving grades K-12 is located in Sentani, near the north coast of Papua, Indonesia, with a satellite facility serving grades K-8 in the Wamena highlands. Hostels are available at the main campus, and many children from the satellite school transfer there after completing the grades available in Wamena.