To the Left, to the Right


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          Many times school can be synonymous with uniformity. As a crowd we are all herded into classrooms and as the bell rings we sit, we stand, we listen. Moving as one body, individuals can get lost along the way or simply forgotten. That’s what Principal Darren Berg fervently hopes will not happen this year.

Hillcrest School


Hillcrest School is an accredited Christian school whose purpose is to provide a quality education for the children of missionaries.  Located on the easternmost island of Indonesia, this internationally renowned school brings together approximately 225 students and 25 faculty from various parts of the world.

Volleyball Has Begun!

The middle school girls started the season playing a local SMP team.   They began the season well, taking the match 2 games to 0.

Our middle school boys team followed the girls' match. 

The JV boys game was so intense, they were playing in the rafters. 

First Day!

Nicky Lopez (Grade 6) plunges back into the school grind


It’s that time again to dust off those backpacks and unearth pencil cases we’d forgotten were under those piles of summer swimwear. Like all good things, summer had to come to an end, but silver linings took the form of friends reuniting, not to mention that familiar, not unwelcome feeling that Life has started happening again.

Track and Field Day 2015

One morning, in the HIS campus, the school had Track and Field day. All of the working and running in PE class finally paid off for the students.

HIS'S 2015 Basketball Tournament

Beginning Saturday, March 28, HIS will host it's annual boys and girls basketball tournament. All games will be played at the HIS courts. The tournament in will conclude with its final games on Wednesday. Click the "more link" for the complete schedule.