Student Life

Hillcrest School looks for ways to enrich students' lives with experiences that broaden their horizons,and seek to serve others.  The majority of our students are children of religious workers brought in from other countries. Therefore, we strive to maintain the culture of beliefs which is fostered in their families' homes. School activites range from "getting to know you beach trips", which often include one of their parents sharing their own faith journeys with our students, to festivals, sports tournaments, expressive opportunities through visual media, and, of course, enrichment through music.


Every year the high school students move to an interior area for an intense 10-day activity called "Outdoor Education." Students experience an interaction with a different way of living. During this time, they often perform a requested community development service, keep a written journal of their experiences, and turn in a report after the OE experience on their observations. They often hear stories from the people about how their villages have changed over time and why this change occurs. For most of the high school students, Outdoor Education is the highlight of their year.


For many of the teenage students, hostel life is an integral part of life at HIS. Not only do some of the students live in the hostels, but many of the other students spend much of their free time socializing at the hostels.