Illness Response Beginning Oct. 14, 2020

Grades 8-12 will be moving to fully online school from noon today, returning Thursday, October 29th. We are responding to a few Covid related illnesses and need to quarantine all grade 8-12 students who have been on campus in the past week.
This quarantine will not affect grades Pre1 through 7. 
Here's some details for how this will work: 
  • Grades 8-12 students will be dismissed at 12:15pm today.
  • Grade 8 MAP testing will be rescheduled.
  • Students will need to join online classes at the normal class time in Papua. Students will submit all work on Google Classroom. 
  • Classes will be online live starting tomorrow (Thursday) 8am. 
  • In order to return, students and teachers will need a negative Rapid Test result. We will be providing clear directions on how and where to do this. 
  • Dorm will not be affected. 
  • This Friday will run a High School chapel schedule. I'll send a link to kids in their Go Groups Classroom so we can have a virtual chapel - for at least a few minutes of online time together! No chapel for grade 8.
  • Next week's Fall Break will be as usual (No Classes for all grades on Thursday and Friday, Oct 22-23). 
Please set up a quiet place for your students to work each day. If you have Wifi/Connectivity/Device issues, please reply to this email so I can see how HIS can help get your kids online. 
And finally, a word about how we handle things like this... 
HIS administration is trying our best to respond with reasonable caution and wisdom. We cannot mitigate all risk, but we realize the validity of health concerns for staff and students. If you want to see the HIS Illness Policy as it relates to Covid, I have attached it below. We have set up our systems to accommodate this reality this semester, so we are confident we can continue learning online! 
Our teachers are focused on your student's growth - we will continue to care for, teach, and encourage your kids! 
We are HIS. He is faithful, and we are in His hands!