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This information may have changed greatly since publication. Hillcrest, via the Director, will inform you what specifically needs to happen and which documents you need to send to us.

This is a procedure followed in the past and will give you an idea of what may be required.



All expatriate staff need a visa (KITAS) which legally allows them to work in Indonesia.  These visas are renewed annually, and are lost if the primary visa holder is out of Indonesia for more than six months.  The first two renewals/extensions are done in Jayapura, but thereafter in Jakarta.  The KITAS visa may be extended only four times.  At the end of the fifth year, the visa holder must leave the country to obtain a new visa and begin the cycle all over again.


Only the visa holder is legally able to get a work permit allowing him or her to work, so if both husband and wife want to work at the school, a visa for each must be obtained.


Expatriate staff need to submit the following documents to the school office to procure or renew an appropriate working visa:

  • a photocopy of all passport pages, including blank onesThe passport needs to have more than a year left before expiration.
  • a digital photograph, preferably with a red background
  • current CV;
  • photocopies of birth certificate, marriage certificate, all educational certificates and diplomas;
  • a list of 3 professional and personal references, and
  • a letter of good conduct from the local police station.
  • proof of life insurance
  • a letter of intent to hold a position at HIS without receiving salary or compensation


The Government Relations Manager will also need to know which consulate the visa should be sent, and a personal email contact address.  He will forward the documents and this information on to our government relations agent in Jakarta with an application to begin processing a visa.