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Please pray for the students taking the SAT test on Saturday (Friday night in the US). The internet difficulties may make this challenging. Pray for a good strong connection.

Please pray for the restoration of the school's internet network. It went down late last week. A projected date for restoration has not yet been given. This makes it almost impossible for those using zoom and other network applications to communicate.

Our students from Indonesia who are in the 6th grade and 9th grade will be writing their national tests this week. These are very important tests in the lives of these students. It helps determine future opportunities available to them.

ANSWERED! Everything went well. The students had a "blast!"

Please pray for things to go well, that no one would have an injury such as a sprained ankle, etc. Also, pray for a comfortable, cloudy day (to keep down the sunburns!).

The title says it all. She is recovering from a motorcycle encounter.

Pray for Mr. B. (the Pre1 teacher) to overcome his health difficulties.

Pray for Mr. B. (the Pre1 teacher) to overcome his health difficulties.

Please pray that Mr. Lott will be cleared by his sending organization to return to Papua in August.

Please pray God will raise up and enable financial partners for teachers to fill all the slots for next year.

Please pray the internet will work well and efficiently during the time of the visitation.