Eighth Grade Sneak 2017

The Boat Ride in Jayapura Bay

The "Sneak" is a long-standing eighth-grade tradition here at HIS.  It started when the eighth grade was the highest level taught in this school system.  At some point in the school year, the parents of the eighth-grade students would plan an outing for their children and "kidnap" the kids for some fun and closure.  This would create memories for the children as many would be traveling to other schools and it would be a long time before seeing their friends again.  Although new adventures awaited, "bosom friends" from their earliest years would be parting.

Sneak is now a closure activity for our eighth-graders as they prepare to enter the world of high school.  This year, the parents took their children, along with middle school teachers as chaperones, to Jayapura.  They had an adventurous scavenger hunt, shopping, a boat ride around Jayapura Bay.  Dinner was at an elegant restaurant and the night was spent at a military guest house.  The next day had more activities planned with the students returning at the end of the day on Friday.

Below is a slideshow showing the various activities the students did.